Talking Teaching


We’re all science communicators & tertiary educators who are either trained teachers or working towards a teaching qualification. Fabiana suggested setting up ‘Talking Teaching’ as a way of broadening our discussions & sharing ideas with a wider group of people with an interest in science education.

Fabiana Kubke has been involved in teaching since finishing secondary school, and teaches at the University level since 1988. She has recently enrolled for a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice at the University of Auckland.

Alison Campbell has been a teacher since way back when… Oh OK, since 1983. She trained as a secondary teacher after finishing her PhD in animal behaviour & has been teaching at university since 1992, but has kept up her links with the secondary education area through involvement with NCEA, curriculum development, & working with teachers & students in schools. (All very useful when carried across to the tertiary setting.)

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