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May 17, 2010

more on student engagement & active learning

This is a re-post from something I’ve just added to the Bioblog. While its focus is on engaging students with maths & physics, I believe that the ideas it offers can be equally well applied to teaching & learing in any of the sciences.

A colleague of mine (thanks, Jonathan!) sent me through the link to a talk by Dan Meyer, on teaching maths & physics. Dan’s talking about how to engage students with the subjects he teaches; how to put them on a level playing field – where they can all understand what a question’s about; how to get them talking about the question in a way that guides them to understanding how to get at the answer in a meaningful way. His aim: for all his students to become ‘patient problem-solvers’. His hope: for textbook authors to develop resources that support this aim instead of obfuscating it. Enjoy. (While Dan’s talk is aimed at high school teachers, I’d argue that it should also be compulsory viewing for the university staff who teach those teachers – where else are teachers-in-training to get this information from?)


  1. Mate, this link is coming up with ‘cannot display the webpage’. Not sure if it’s just a ‘today’s wonder’ or if there’s an ongoing problem? Pip

    Comment by fergpip — August 17, 2010 @ 4:17 pm

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